To shut down business was never an option for a person who contributes to the economy of the country. The harsh and negative impact of coronavirus are very severe and most importantly if we look into the private sector, we see the expanses are rapidly increasing with a decrease in resources.

The scenario of being jobless is leading to a situation where people are forced to use their future savings and also there is a shortage of cash in hand which is leading to difficulties for the middle class and the lower-middle-class people. 


As we all know if there are problems, solutions will also be there. Same as if the coronavirus is the problem then work from home is the solution. 

Every company is now a day moving forward towards the idea of work from home because this is the only way of saving oneself from losses and debts. Especially the big companies and the MNC are focused to earn through this source with the help of improvement in science and technologies.

The outbreak of the coronavirus led to the lockdown on the whole country. Even this lockdown was full of losses. The loss of family members’ loss of income loss of job loss of money resources and ultimately the loss in the economy of the country. 

We all know that in the first phase of lockdown there was a rapid increase in in the economy in the country but it is also a point to be noted that if the lockdown was not imposed we could have been into more worst situation resulting in the imposition of financial emergency where instead of 25% of decrease, we might have faced a downfall of 75% in the country GDP.


Time changes everything, we came from the generation of pen and paper to mobiles and laptops from the generation of drafts and letters to emails. This the generation of an online. a world where buying clothes to ordering food everything is available online in this world of internet, WE ARE JUST ONE CLICK AWAY. 

Every time we see a trend of something new in every field with a lot of competition, and in this era of coronavirus, we have seen the trend of work from home. 

The hike in technology has given us an abundance of opportunities to earn even by staying at home. All bug companies have allotted work for their staff which they can do at home using laptops and mobiles. The pharma companies, hygiene care companies, online teaching platforms, online food delivery services are some of the most emerging business options in the post covid era. 

Along with these options, the doors of the share market are always open for those who are willing to invest their money. 

Another emerging option is digital media, website management, and computer coding.


To fear is not an option instead we have to fight not only coronavirus but also from the prevailing bad economic conditions and hard work with smartness is the key to it. Using simple ideas and establishing our own small-scale business can be one way of starting the earnings.

Even a small step for success can make a big difference, but before any other step, the most important thing is to stay positive, optimistic, and hardworking to fight this pandemic. We will get paid for our passionate hard work.