Covid 19 and mental health

Depression! Anxiety! Frustration! Anger! Panic Attacks.

Yes, the results of covid-19

Everyone in the fifth person was affected by Covid-19 in one or another way. Be it losing relatives, or be it getting positive or suffering from the coronavirus. But, this pandemic has given an adverse effect on the mental health of every individual.

From losing jobs to Skipping regular classes; from work from home to online class sessions, everybody finds it difficult to manage the threats of the pandemic.

Everybody is in the fear of losing, and this fear is resulting in the increasing risks of tension, anxiety, and depressive disorders.

Loss of people, loss of job, loss of opportunities, loss of studies, loss of patience is making the situations even more bad day by day.

It’s becoming difficult for those who have always stayed outside either for work or studies and now they have to stay at home is a kind of boundation which makes a person frustrated.

This lockdown, isolation, quarantine, stay at home orders are putting a negative impact on everybody’s day-to-day life.

There are a lot of negative thoughts that come across one’s mind if we stay idle and we are left with loneliness.

Those who are associated with the private business are especially depressed because they are sitting jobless, all their income sources are zero and their daily expenses are even more than earlier along with the growing expanses of medicines which is becoming a kind of burden on a single individual.

If a person is not mentally strong then he will not be able to keep himself physically strong.

And to make a person strong both physically and mentally it is very important to take very good care of our mental health, meditate, avoid negative thoughts, practice yoga to keep your body fit because this covid era is that period when we have to prove that we are not the losers, instead, we are the winners who fought very strongly in this pandemic




  • Maintain a routine from waking up to going to bed, following a proper diet plan and a daily exercise plan to keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Avoid watching too much news as all the news broadcasting channels are mostly showing the negative covid news like an increasing number of deaths and cases in the country.
  • Do productive work like some crafts, writing, or cooking to feel less idle, and if you have a garden at your home spend some time gardening and caring for your baby plants.
  • After covid the trend of online webinars and courses of various categories are being conducted, enroll yourself in the courses of your choice, it will help you in two ways. No.1 Getting certified for attending the course. No.2 You will consume your time enhancing your skills and knowledge.
  • Sometimes sitting idle and makes us feel depressed and angry, this is the time to listen to the music of your choice to get your mood refreshed.
  • One way to get rid of this idleness is to give your contribution in providing medical aids and making all the medicinal facilities available even by sitting at your home as there are a few groups of youngsters and educated people who have made groups which you can join on social media and another online platform for the emergency contact details so that those who can’t get help by doctors can get medical aid at home. So make yourself busy in helping others will give you mental peace.

•          Those who are feeling a lot of depression or anxiety attacks are always suggested to talk to someone who understands them, or another way is to seek advice from counselors who can help them to find ways to get rid of their depressive and anxious thoughts.