Relations in COVID 19


Disasters outside are sometimes disasters inside. The whole country is suffering from this deathly pandemic in many ways, from loss of studies to loss of businesses and the worst part loss of family members. People have lost so many close people throughout this pandemic. Father, mother, and in worst-case scenario losing both. This situation is making everybody mentally weak, and people are not just suffering mentally but socially as well, they can’t go to their close relatives even in such losses to console them, what can be worse than this?

Like anyone ever imagined being trapped in houses for such a long period and not being able to socialize with others. All those events that were supposed to be good spots to get socialize are banned throughout the country.

Friends and family are like the support system of every individual, and losing our close ones and staying away from our family in this tough time is very difficult for everyone.

We can’t deny the fact that this lockdown has given us an abundance of time to spend with our family members, like playing indoor games, cooking together, reliving memories together, but at a certain point in time, anyone can get irritated staying inside.

Make this quarantine a family-friendly holiday at home-

A perfect family is a blessing and this time is given to all of us apart from our busy schedule to spend together, to make our family bond stronger than ever.

We can make our relations the strongest during this lockdown in many ways-

  1. SPENDING QUALITY TIME WITH THE FAMILY-playing indoor games, reliving happy memories, dancing, and singing together is one way that we can nurture our bonds.
  1. COOKING TIME WITH FAMILY- try to make new dishes every day with your family members, make some healthy and tasty cuisines, some tasty desserts, bake cakes, and cookies with your siblings to get rid of idleness and also to enjoy good and precious time together.
  1. CONDUCT ONLINE FAMILY MEETS-we have an abundance of technology and every one of us is like used to of it, using online platforms like “zoom meeting or google meet” to meet our long-distance relative who stays away, meeting them on-screen sharing each other’s lockdown journey can be a good way to connect. 
  1. CONDUCT FAMILY EXERCISE SESSIONS- healthy morning means a healthy day. Tell every member to wake up early and conduct a healthy exercise session to keep themselves fit and enthusiastic for the whole day.


It is a saying- 


To live the best days of your life you need your family around. The happy family is not the one that just stays together, instead, a happy family is like a heaven with wonderful and supportive members, those who support not only in their good phases but also help each other to forget the bad phases of the past.

We are given an amazing opportunity to cherish a good bond with our family members in this lockdown. So, we must take the beat use of it in supporting each other and living happily.